Tooth Extractions

At Lucky Dental, we take great pride in offering personalized dental treatment to each individual patient and that includes specialized dental procedures such as tooth extractions.  With a proactive approach to oral health and routine preventive dental care, a problem should never get so bad that a tooth extraction is necessary. However, we do often get new patients who have neglected the dentist visits so long (usually out of an inexplicable fear of dentists) that the news is unpleasant… especially if one suffers a fear of dentists.

Luckily, tooth extractions do not have to be a traumatizing experience. In most cases, an anesthesia is given to prevent discomfort and a patient will be unconscious for the removal. Don’t wait until you have an abscess tooth beyond repair! If you feel a tooth ache, please call our office or book an appointment online to determine if tooth extraction is necessary.